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This Utah Video Locator was specifically designed to provide you with quick and easy access to travel videos and photos hosted on YouTube, flickr, Metacafe, Travelago, Photo Bucket, Trip Advisor, Triporia and other photo sharing and travel-vacation web sites. Look at cities, tourist attractions, sights, activities and events along with the people who live in or visited the state. There are also recent and/or live webcam views from locations in several cities.

You can even see how Utah looks like from above by looking at aviation videos and photos taken by airplane passengers and crew during takeoffs, landings and while in-flight. If you've never been on a plane before, the views can be fun to watch - especially those showing the pilot's view from the cockpit.

Want to know what goes on during a luxury cruise vacation? Check out the travel videos taken by cruise ship passengers during port calls and out at sea.

In any event, we are glad you are here. Enjoy the videos and stop by often.

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